Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble Shooting - When Things Go Wrong

  1. 1. How do I ACTIVATE my New Account?

    If you have already created an account on and you have gotten your parent's consent, there's only one step left before you can play!

    When you created your account, we sent an Account Activation email. Please be sure you have clicked on the activation link sent to your registered e-mail address. Then you can start playing in Spark City World!

  2. 2. Why is my USERNAME not showing?

    We're excited that you have joined Spark City World! It may take up to a day or two for our staff to review your username.

    If you have entered a username that contained too much information you will see a pop-up the next time you log into your account that will ask you to 'Choose a New Username' At Spark City World we are committed to keeping children safe while having fun online. Please be sure that your username does NOT include any personal information such as:

    * your full name, last name or initials

    * birth date, address, email address

    * any information that can identify you

    * unacceptable or questionable language

    You can still play games and all of the Scores, Star Coins and Awards that you earn before approval will be saved. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy Spark City World!

  3. 3. LOADING is slow or stuck.

    If the site is not loading or is stuck part way, there are a few things you can try. You may need to get your parents or another adult to help you with these.

    1. Refresh or reload your web page.

    2. Restart your computer.

    3. Clear the temporary internet files, cache and cookies. You can find instructions here:

    4. Make sure you have an updated version of Flash player. The way to tell is by right-clicking on Spark City World while it's loading and it should say 'About Flash player 11.1' You can upgrade for free by going to this link:

    5. Try a different web browser. We suggest you download Chrome for free by clicking on this link:

    If this does not help, the problem may be with your internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection, such as dial-up, it may take a while for the site to load or to move around.

  4. 4. The SCREEN is cut off.

    Sometimes the web page gets resized because you've accidentally clicked on some keys or changed it for other purposes and some parts of the site do not show.

    * Please try refreshing your page.

    * To reset the web browser to normal size click Control+0 in Windows or Command+0 in Mac.

    * If this does not work please ask an adult to help you check that your screen resolution is set to at least 1024 x 768.

    * Once you have changed the resolution please refresh your page.

  5. 5. I can't LOG IN to my account - forgot password or stolen account.

    If you are unable to get into your account, the first thing we suggest is to make sure that the CAPS LOCK is off when entering your username and password.

    If someone seems to be using your account or you have forgotten your password we suggest you make a new password by entering your registered email address, which can be done by clicking on the link below:

    Check your email afterwards and follow the instructions to choose a new password.

    Please remember to NEVER give out your password or any personal information for your own safety and to keep your account secure on Spark City World.

  6. 6. Another user isn't being very nice. What can I do?

    To report someone for inappropriate or bad behavior just click on the member's avatar and select the 'REPORT USER' option from the drop down menu. Please tell us what the user is doing wrong.

    Spark City is a fun place and we want everybody to feel good, so if someone is making you unhappy, we need to know so that we can give them a warning about their actions. If a user continues to behave badly after they have been warned, they will be banned from Spark City. Please let us know if you see someone bothering another user so we can deal with it right away.

    In the meantime, you can click on the offending player and select 'IGNORE USER' to stop from seeing their chat.

  7. 7. Something in Spark City isn't working properly. What should I do?

    First please check this list of very common questions and answers to see if your problem might be solved here. If you do not get the answer you need just click on the Question Mark Icon (?) at the top right of the page and let us know what's wrong so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Game Play

  1. 1. Who are the Clik Stars?

    Jessy, Yuki, and Leiyah are the three tween gaming sensations who make up the Clik Stars. A female-empowering group living in Spark City at their Clik Star Clubhouse; the girls are all about friendship, achieving goals, sportsmanship, fashion/shopping and doing the right thing! Learn more about them through their Gossip Blogs, the Cinema movie and by possibly meeting them in Spark City World!

  2. 2. How do I get to another area of Spark City?

    If you know where you are heading just walk there using the STAR tiles on the ground to move from one area to the next OR quickly jump to your destination by using the MAP located to the left of the pink chat bar.

  3. 3. What are Star Coins and how do I get them?

    Spark City World's currency is Star Coins.

    Star Coins are rewarded to members for being active in the world; doing things such as playing Games, completing Daily Tasks, collecting Spark Flowers and more. These Star Coins can be spent on purchasing clothing items, furniture and decor, etc. within Spark City World.

    VIP Membership allows users unlimited access to all that Spark City has to offer including: shopping for all clothing, pets, furniture, accessories and decor items along with access to private/VIP areas, special events and more that are marked with a VIP (Star) icon which (free)membership does not permit. To find out more about VIP Membership click here:

    Members (free) may use their Star Coins to purchase Profile Page items and select non-VIP items in-store.

  4. 4. How do I play Games?

    Games can be found at SCW Games in world right off of Main Street or through the Map. Click on any of the game consoles within to bring up the Games Screen where you will find many great games to choose from! You can also easily access the Games from your Spark Pad menu.

  5. 5. What are Daily Rewards?

    Daily Rewards are Gifts given for returning to Spark City World 7 days in a row! These may include exclusive clothing items, accessories or decor items! Each day you'll earn more and more Star Coins until the 7th day you win the Daily Reward. But if you miss a day, you'll start back at day 1, so keep coming back for more fun!.

  6. 6. What is a Daily Task?

    Daily Tasks are goals that can be easily accomplished and will earn the player Star Coins rewards while encouraging exploration. Earn different colored stars as you complete all 3 everyday!

  7. 7. What are Quests?

    Quests are hidden object or story based adventures that VIP Members can launch in Spark City World. For the hidden object or Collectibles quests when completed, players will earn a badge stored in their Profile and for each 3 that are completed, will unlock premium content. In story based quests, users will meet up with various NPC characters to get riddles, puzzles, games, action or social requests in order to progress through the story; working their way to unlock a premium item not available anywhere else in Spark City World. The amount of time it takes to complete a Quest varies. You can only do one at a time.

  8. 8. What are Spark Flowers?

    Click on the Spark Flowers peeking through the ground all around Spark City World to make them bloom and earn Star Coins. If you find all of them within a day, you'll have an extra to find the following day! Its a challenge to see how many you can get while earning Star Coins!

    HINT: Look out for the glitter to find them!

VIP Membership

  1. 1. What is VIP Membership?

    It's free to join Spark City World... but VIP Membership has it's privileges! If you want access to everything the world has to offer, you'll need a VIP Membership. This gives you access to VIP shopping for clothing, furniture, decor items, apartment upgrades, Quests, Star Pets, VIP areas & more!. Things only available to VIP members are often marked with a Star (VIP) icon.

    VIP Membership come in 3 paymenet choices: for 1 month recurring, 6 month recurring or a one time payment for 12 months! Click here to view the VIP Membership packages:

    Once a VIP Membership expires all the Star Coin items a user has purchased will still appear in their inventory but will no longer be accessible until the VIP Membership is renewed.

  2. 2. How do I cancel my VIP Membership?

    Cancellation of VIP Memberships can be done at any time by going to the 'Account Settings' tab on the site and selecting 'Member' or by contacting us.

    When cancelled, the VIP Membership will continue to be available to the player until the subscription term is reached. Afterwards the VIP items and areas will no longer be accessible until you choose to renew.


  1. 1. How do I add Friends?

    If you meet someone in Spark City you'd like to add as a friend, simply click on their avatar and select ADD FRIEND to send them a friend request. If they accept your request you'll see them in your Friend List in your Spark Pad, see their online/offline status, be able to find your new pal in Spark City, and get to visit their apartment!

    If you know some of your friends are on Spark City World, you can search them out using their username. In your Spark Pad, under Friends, write their username and click on the Search button to send a request to them.

    You can also search your Friend List this way to locate Friends that are online and go to them!

  2. 2. How do I accept (or deny) a Friend Request?

    Alerts for pending friendship requests will appear in the bottom right of the screen over your Spark Pad. Click on the friend request alert and select YES for the Friends you want to add or No if you do not want to add them. You also have the option to 'Accept All Friend Requests'. Once you have added someone to your friends, you'll be able to see each other's online/offline status, send each other mail and visit each other's apartment.

  3. 3. Can I remove a Friend from my List?

    It would be great if we could all get along, but sometimes we just don't. If you want to remove a friend from your list, just find their name under the Friends menu in your cell phone, then select DELETE FRIEND. If you change your mind, you can always add the friend back to your list later.

  4. 4. How can I find my friend or go to their apartment?

    To find an existing friend open up your Spark Pad and check the Friends menu to make sure your friend is still online. If she is, you can select her avatar, click on the down arrow and choose 'Go to Friend' and you'll jump to wherever she is!

    If a friend has invited you to their apartment and you are still together, just click on them and select 'Go to Apartment' from the drop down menu. You can also use your Spark Pad to get there by selecting the friend from the Friends menu and choosing 'View Apartment'.

Spark Pad

  1. 1. What is the Spark Pad?

    The Spark Pad is one of the main ways you'll keep track of and communicate with friends. In your Spark Pad you'll receive mail and friend alerts, check if your pals are online, listen to music and access the complete games list.

  2. 2. What do all the buttons in my Spark Pad do?

    Friends - Here, you can see which of your friends are online right now. Clicking on a friend in this menu will let you see more details about them: send them a message, view their profile, go to their apartment, or add the friend as a BFF. You can also delete a friend, but let's hope that never happens!

    Mail - This icon will be highlighted when you have new mail. Mail has 3 sections. 'News' is where you will see Mail Alerts of the new stuff happening in Spark City! 'Texts' is where you can read and write messages to your friends. To write a new message, click on the 'Compose' tab and select a friend's name from the drop-down menu. Then type in your message and click Send.

    Parties - Send out & receive party invitations from here! What are you waiting for?! Organize a party!

    Games - You don't have to go to the Arcade to find all the available games! For quick access to your favorite game, you can jump straight there from your Spark Pad.

    MP3 Player - This is where you can choose from all your favourite Spark City World tunes!

    Options - Choose a custom look for your cell phone and turn your sounds and alerts off and on. If you make changes, save your settings with the Save button.

    Home - Click on the Home icon to return to your Spark Pad's main menu screen.

    Close - The pink OFF button is at the top right of your Spark Pad.


  1. 1. How do I chat with others?

    Type a message into the pink chat box on the bottom of the screen and click on the (talk bubble) OR just press the Enter button on your keyboard to send your message onscreen for everyone to see.

  2. 2. How do I chat with just one other user privately?

    To talk to just one friend, you can use the blue message box for Whisper Chat. Whisper Chat can only be seen by you and the friend you are talking to! Click on the user you want to talk to, then select Whisper Chat to send them a private message. Their user name will appear on the top of the blue box to show who you're sending the message to. You can Whisper Chat with more than one friend at the same time.

  3. 3. Why won't the chat system let me say the word I want to use?

    Some words are not allowed in Spark City World because they can be used inappropriately and we want to make sure people play nice and are friendly to each other. Numbers & names are also not allowed for security reasons.

    But sometimes the chat system will not allow a word because it just hasn't been added to our dictionary yet. If you find a word that you think should be allowed, you can help us out and tell us about it by using the Help button at the top of the screen. We'll take a look at the word, and add it to the dictionary if it's suitable.

    Informing us of any bad language and word combinations is very much appreciated! You can also do this by clicking on the user that is using bad language and selecting 'Report User'. This will help us to be able to remove the bad words or phrases as well as inform us of who is using them inappropriately. You can then 'Ignore User' so that their behavior is not affecting you.

  4. 4. How else can I interact with people I meet?

    If you click on another user in Spark City, you'll be able to see several different ways of interacting with them. Aside from ADD FRIEND, VIEW PROFILE displays thier gaming personality, WHISPER CHAT allows you to send others a private message, and CHALLENGE allows you to challenge someone to a game.

    Smileys are a way of expressing how you are feeling non-verbally. To access them, click on your avatar and choose EMOTICON (Smiley Face icon) and select the one that best represents your current mood OR access them from the Smiley Face icon on the pink chat bar - once selected it will appear over your head for a few seconds.


  1. 1. How do I change my clothes?

    There are 2 ways to change your clothes: 1) Click on the CLOSET icon at the bottom OR 2) Click on your avatar and select CHANGE OUTFIT (Silhouette with Sash icon) to be taken to your closet where you will be able to edit your outfit.

    In your CLOSET you'll open to Dress By Style. The scrollable bar will list the names of the various clothing packs like Ballet, Royalty, Punk Rocker, Neon, Skating and more. If you want to access clothes by items such as skirt, top, etc. select the DRESSER icon at the top of the window. Use the HEAD icon to change physical characteristics Hair, Skin, Eyes, and Lip colors. There is also a SHOP button and TRANSPORT icon for your Zoozoo rides!

    To try on an item just click on it in the inventory and it will appear on your avatar. To see an outfit from every angle, use the pink ARROWS beside your avatar to turn the character around. If you want to change your look but can't decide what to wear, just click on the RANDOMIZE button to get a fun hairdo and outfit. When you've got your outfit all together, click the WEAR OUTFIT! button and you'll be taken back to Spark City!

  2. 2. Where can I get more clothes and outfits?

    Get sweet new clothing items in the world by visiting the Forever Chic department store or browsing the shops in the Star Mall. Jump to any store by selecting it on the map or from the SHOP icon at the bottom of your screen. Once inside a store, just click on the CASHIERS to launch the inventory. VIP Members have access to all clothing items! Members can only purchase select non-VIP items.


  1. 1. How do I go to my apartment?

    Either walk to the Belle Apartments and take the elevator in the lobby OR use the HOME icon which can be found to the left of the pink chat bar.

  2. 2. How do I buy furniture for my apartment?

    You can get new furniture by heading to the Forever Chic Department store and going to the 2nd Floor Furniture section or to many of the other Stores that sell furniture through Spark City World including Timeless Trends and the Spa. You can also access the Stores by clicking on the SHOP icon at the bottom and checking out the selection in each store. There are lots of options to suit all tastes, so check all the shops for exactly what you want! Don't forget to click on a CASHIER to launch the catalogue. You may also access the shops from your Apartment while you are decorating. Just click the Paint Palette icon and then click the SHOPPING BAG icon up top to bring up thumbnails of the various stores that carry furniture and decor items. Selecting one of the thumbnails will take you directly to that store.

    All furniture purchased by you will be found in the room editor/PAINT PALETTE icon at the bottom left in your apartment.

  3. 3. How do I decorate my apartment?

    When in your apartment, click on the PAINT PALETTE icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the Room Editor and your inventory. Now you can add/remove furniture and accessories, change the layout, floor, walls, windows and more... It's completely up to you!

    The CHAIR icon contains your furniture, organized by New, Furniture, Appliances, Accessories or Special. Select the PAINT ROLLER icon to bring up all the wall options (like wallpaper, decal, curtains, paint and more) available in your inventory. To change the flooring, you'll need to choose the HAMMER icon to bring up all the flooring options you've got for hardwood, carpet and rugs. The APARTMENT allows you to select between Floorplan Layouts you have purchased and Backgound Locations.

    To add furniture Click and Drag it into your room. Click on it again and a CIRCLE MENU will appear. The TURN ARROW icon will change the direction the piece faces; the CROSS ARROWS icon will allow you to move it to another spot in the room using your mouse; the TRASH CAN icon will remove the piece of furniture and place it back into your inventory; and the CHECK MARK is used when you are happy with where that item is placed. Once done decorating simply close the Room Editor and your Room will be saved!

  4. 4. I was editing a piece of furniture, then it disappeared! Why?

    Don't worry! If you dragged an item too close to the edge of the apartment it automatically gets placed back into your inventory. Just go back to the correct tab heading (furniture, appliances, accessories or special) and put it back into your apartment.