Be friends, get crushes, and then go on dates! When you add boys as friends, you can text, chat, and hang out. They are super cute and love hanging out with you. Only VIP members can achieve boyfriend status.
Check out the shops in the Star Mall & the Forever Chic department store offers a wide assortment of clothing, accessories and home décor items. Items marked VIP are just for VIP Members.
Launch engaging adventure or story-based Quests & follow clues OR be challenged with a Collectibles (Hidden Object) Quest. Complete enough Collectible quests to unlock bonus content.
Only VIP Members can purchase amazing décor & furniture items, upgrade the layout to the Luxury Loft or Penthouse Suite & buy up to 10 additional floors for their apartments!
Look runway ready in the latest Spark City World fashions! Only VIP Members can build upon the basic wardrobe & new items are released weekly.
Adopt a cute, cuddly kitten, puppy or penguin to follow you around the world! They're trained to do tricks like wave & play! Just go to Star Pets in the Star Mall to adopt one!
Get exclusive access to cool areas that are for ‘VIP Members Only’. These VIP locations are more fun hangouts to meet up with friends and get content that isn't available anywhere else!